Eve Green (The Perennial Collection)

Eve Green (The Perennial Collection)

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  • Author Name: Susan Fletcher
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This lyrical novel introduces a writer of remarkable talent.

"Ten days before Christmas I lost her. What do I remember? Every little thing....For twenty-one years I've picked away at my memory of it, lifting up moments, testing myself. Believing I might have finally healed to a neat white scar."

Pregnant with her first child, Eve Green recalls her mother's death when she was eight years old and her struggle to make sense of her parents' mysterious romantic past. Eve is sent to live with her grandparents in rural Wales, where she finds comfort in friendships with Daniel, a quiet farmhand, and Billy, a disabled, reclusive friend of her mother's. When a ravishing local girl disappears, one of Eve's friends comes under suspicion. Eve will do everything she can to protect him, but at the risk of complicity in a matter she barely understands. This is a timeless and beautifully told story about family secrets and unresolved liaisons.