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The distraught daughter of an artist who committed suicide, Mia first meets Karna in London.

Mesmerized by the charismatic young guru, she resolves to follow him to India, even if she must marry Vik, a suave corporate businessman, to do so.

Once in India, Mia is drawn to Vik's mother, Indi, an accomplished, inordinately attractive woman who rages unceasingly against her blindness, her beauty, and her clinging son. Troubled by Indi's anguish, and by her own strange journey into duplicitous love, Mia realizes she must travel even further—to the Kumb Mela religious pilgrimage—for a different perspective on her clouded and confused life.

Brilliant, bold, heartfelt, and transcendent, Blind Faith is a provocative reexamination of the human condition, of reason that binds, hate that liberates, and love that strangles.